Try Diving

Try divingWe’d love to introduce you to the joys of SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) or Snorkel diving! You can try SCUBA diving for a small donation of £35 to club funds, or enjoy a Snorkel Experience for just £20 – we will provide all the equipment you need and around an hour of instruction.

And if you decide to join the club to continue your SCUBA or snorkel training within three months of your taster session then the cost of your try-dive will be deducted from your membership fee!

Anyone over the age of 6 can take part in a Snorkel try-dive, and anyone over the age of 10 in a SCUBA try-dive.

An instructor will guide you through the basic techniques and equipment, and then take you into the swimming pool to try it out for yourself.  You will only need a swimming costume and an old T-Shirt or similar. We provide the rest!

Contact us to arrange a try dive.

  • Try Dive vouchers are available as a gift
  • All try-divers must be confident swimmers and will be asked to make a medical declaration
  • If you’re under the age of 18 you’ll need the consent of a parent or guardian, and to be accompanied by a responsible adult

Please contact us to discuss any clarification