Full Annual Adult Diving Membership is only £110

Hartford Sub-Aqua Club works hard to keep member’s costs down!

Full Membership includes:

  • Pool fees – You can swim for an hour and a half every week or use the pool for training and equipment testing
  • Active Dive Calendar – We dive all year round, all over the world
  • Active training and development plan
  • Free Air Fills – Yes, we run our own compressor and air fills are free to all members!
  • Discounted Nitrox – We provide Nitrox mixes for the cost of the Oxygen
  • Access to the club RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) for diving and training

Free air fills alone can easily generate a saving of hundreds of pounds per year.

Annual Membership of BSAC is mandatory – Click here for information on BSAC membership benefits.

The Ocean Diver Course is £215 (inc P&P) in staged payments or (£205 if paid in one go)

The Sports Diver Course is only £93.50 (inc P&P) for divers previously trained with Hartford Scuba or £163.50 for transfers or crossovers.

The Dive Leader Course is FREE to all Hartford Members who are previously BSAC qualified. You only have to pay for the instructional materials (plus P&P).


Membership Fees 2018
Hartford Sub-Aqua Club Memberships
Adult Diving Member (18+) £110
Youth Diving Member (12-17) £47.50
Full-Time Student Diving Member (18+) £47.50
Snorkelling Member (6+) £11.50
Example British Sub-Aqua Club Memberships (full details and options on the BSAC website)
Full Diving (includes an excellent monthly magazine) £60.50
Snorkelling £20.50
Youth/Student £32.00
Joint Membership £42.00
Family £111.00

Diver Training Courses

Ocean Diver
All you need to be able to dive to a maximum depth of 20m all over the world. Includes drysuit and rescue training
  Number of Lessons Pay-as-you-go plan
The Training pack & P&P is paid up front. Then a standing order should be set up for 2 X £60 and 1 X £50 for the Lessons
Single one-off payment
Training Pack   £40.00  
Theory Lessons @ £10 each 6 £60  
Pool Lessons @ £10 each 5 £50  
Sheltered Water Lessons @ £15 4 £60  
P&P   £5.00  
Ocean Diver Total Cost   £215 £205

Most equipment required for Ocean Diver training can be borrowed from the club at no charge.

Sports Diver
Extends your skills and confidence to a level where you can dive up to 35m
  Number of Lessons HSAC Trained Transfer or Crossover Qualified Pre 2002
Student Notes – Crossover Sports pack   £30 £40 £30
Theory Lessons
@ £5 each (HSAC trained) or
£10 each (Transfer or Crossover)
6 £30 £60 £30/£60
Pool Lessons @£5 each (HSAC trained) or £10 each (Transfer or Crossover) 1 £5 £10 £5/£10
Open Water Lessons 5 £25 £50 £25/50
P&P   £3.50 £3.50 £3.50
Sports Diver Total Costs   £93.50 £163.50 £93.50/£153.50

Skills Development Courses

We run a wide range of skills development courses to help you develop diving related skills such as underwater photography, oxygen administration, marine life identification, equipment maintenance, compressor operation, crewing boats, and many more. Costs for these courses vary, but are typically £5 – £15.


Dive Kit

Trainees on the Ocean Diver course get all Dive Kit loans for free. We have to ask qualified divers a small donation for equipment loans to help cover maintenance costs. Loans are for UK diving only, up to a maximum of 10 days.

Regulators (set) £5
BCD and/or Weight Belt £5
Cylinders (each) £5
Full kit (regs, BCD, cylinder, weights) £15
Safety & Emergency Equipment
(O2 kit, first aid kit, life jackets)
Other equipment
(e.g. SMBs, lifting bags, reels, strobes, O2 analyser)
£5 for as much as you need! *

* Any ancillary equipment required for RIB trips is covered in the RIB costs

RIB Costs, per day

All divers (including trainees) are asked to contribute to the RIB running costs. Includes use of all RIB equipment.

Divers £30
Non-divers £15

Gas Fills

Air £4 (BSAC members only. Free to HSAC members)
12l 32% Nitrox £5
12l 36% Nitrox £6
7l 50% Nitrox £7
7l 80% Nitrox £14

For other mixes/volumes, please round up as appropriate

Prices correct as of 01/03/18