SCUBA Refresher

“That which is used, develops. That which is not used, wastes away” – Hippocrates

Sometimes real life gets in the way of diving, and we can’t practice our skills as often as we’d like. Unused skills get rusty, and we need a refresher to remind ourselves what we learned before jumping in the water again.

A SCUBA Refresher session covers the basic skills from the BSAC Ocean Diver course. At the end of this session students will have been reminded:

  • How to assemble, disassemble, and wash down SCUBA equipment
  • How to conduct a Buddy Check
  • How to clear and replace a mask
  • How to clear and replace a demand valve
  • How to fin effectively
  • How to achieve neutral buoyancy with a horizontal trim position
  • How to perform basic rescues – Alternate Source Ascent and Controlled Buoyant Lift with Surface Tow
  • How to work with their buddy
  • How to enter and exit deep water
  • How to use hand signals to communicate underwater

Contact us today if you are interested in a SCUBA Refresher